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About us

Lily PetBox is a proudly Canadian subscription box for your beloved pet! Each month you get 2 toys, 2 treats and a surprise. It can be a big toy, a chewer or a themed pet cloth.

Everything started with our Siberian husky named Lily. She is energetic, funny, noisy, and has a strong personality. Our family had a complicated parenting experience. She destroyed half of the baseboards and walls, chewed up 2 new couches and pulled on her leash when we walked with her. A bit of training and a new chewing toy every month saved our third sofa. Now our pup is an adult, well-behaved, smart and always happy. Our goal is to help each family have only good experience with fluffy family members. Training tips, new toys and chews help in raising your dog!

Our story

All dogs are different

Taking care of a dog is a complicated parenting task. We make sure that your dog is happy and healthy. Each breed, each personality and age needs different care. That’s why we send the right toys and treats for your pet. You can select out which foods your pup is allergic to and make changes based on how strong his chewing behaviour is and how active he is. We understand the needs of rescue or adopted dogs. There will be new toys each month for the life of your mixed-breed pet, lovely themed toys for the most popular Canadian dog breed, the Labrador Retriever, active toys for your doodle and small, gentle toys for a chihuahua.


Your dog will love our durable and themed toys. Fill in your pup’s chowing behaviour information to decide whether he needs a strong toy, a squeaky toy or durable dog bones each month. We always make sure that the toys will be just right for your dog. If your pup needs some brain work, we will add a puzzle dog toy. Lily PetBox understands that different ages and sizes of dogs need different dog toys. We will help you train your puppy, send enjoyable birthday toys each year and take care of your older dogs. Your pup will have a new teddy bear each time he chews up the previous toy. Also, you can make an adorable themed photo set each month with your pet and the toys. Each month your family will get a box with the nearest holiday theme or a mood-themed subscription box.


We know how important our dog’s diets are, and that’s why we ONLY use 100% natural Canadian treats, made to Canadian standards. We provide a 100% guaranteed all-natural Canadian solution for dog treats. This means that all of our treats—not just some—are sourced from materials produced only in Canada from suppliers that process only Canadian products. We ensure that our suppliers do not import or process any products other than Canadian. We are working with the best suppliers to give our pets the best quality treats and chews.